IEEE – Ethernet & IP @Automotive – Yokohama Japan : October 27~28 2015

IEEE – Automotive Ethernet & IP

Event Details :


Event Details :

Designing With Freescale – Plymouth Michigan : September 23~24 2015

Trillium @ DWF presenting SecureCAN








DWF SecureCAN demo

SCMagazine – In-car security systems not yet ready for autonomous driving

Automotive industry running to catch up with cyber-security issues ahead of releasing first autonomous cars onto nation’s highways.

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EE Times – Survey: Cars Contain Few Barriers to Hackers

Survey concludes, “OEMs don’t yet have desire, skills, tools or processes to make a secure car”

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TechCrunch – Connected Car Security: Separating Fear From Fact

In a zombie apocalypse scenario, the researchers even wrote software that could turn cars into a rolling “bot” army.

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