Computerworld – Hacking Risks associated with Connected Cars

Around 5% of new vehicles already include some form of embedded technology inside. But have you thought about the consequences?

By 2017, every new car sold in Europe will be required to have an embedded SIM and built-in emergency calling features. “By 2018, most new vehicles will come with integrated apps as standard,” said Juniper Research analyst, Anthony Cox. By 2024, Analysys Mason expects 89% of new cars will include embedded connectivity.


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Automotive Ethernet Congress 2016 – München : February 3-4 2016

Automotive Ethernet Congress 2016

February 3-4, 2016, Hilton Munich Airport, Germany

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CAN Newsletter : Baby, you can drive my car

Researchers claim to be able to control a vehicle by playing a song spiked with malicious code. All they need is 18 seconds of playtime.

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EE Times : 34 Automotive Startups to Watch

Trillium (Tokyo) has developed a CAN bus encryption and key management system for protecting payloads less than 8bytes.

Its mission is to implement security features on CAN, a native unencrypted bus used extensively inside a vehicle. By using its ultra-light weight block cipher, Trillium’s technology encrypts CAN (and LIN) messages in real time. The company claims that Trillium’s symmetric block cipher and key management system allows its technology to encrypt, transmit and decrypt within the 1ms threshold.


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Auto2x : Automotive Cyber Security Market: 26 companies to watch in 2016

2016 is the year when securing the Connected Car will unfold as the top priority for OEMs and regulators.

26 Companies to watch in the Automotive Cyber Security market in 2016

AIRMIKA Inc. (USA) NXP Semiconductors (Netherlands)
Argus Cyber Security Ltd. (Israel) OIActive (USA)
Arilou Technologies Ltd. (Israel) Qualcomm (USA)
BT Security (UK) Red Bend Software (Israel)
Cisco Systems Inc. (USA) SBD & NCC Group (UK)
Continental AG (Germany) Secunet AG (Germany)
Covisint Corporation (USA) Security Innovation Inc. (USA)
ESCRYPT Embedded Security (Germany) Symphony Teleca & Guardtime (USA)
Harman International Industries (USA) Tech Mahindra (India)
Infineon Technologies AG (Germany) TowerSec (USA)
Intel Security (USA) Trillium Inc. (Japan)
IVSG LLC (USA) Utimaco GmbH (Germany)
Lear Corporation (USA) WhiteCryction (USA)


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Detroit Free Press : Future auto hackers will want your money, data

Security experts say it’s not just your cars that are vulnerable to being hacked — its the various networks and devices that your cars are increasingly connected to

Anuja Sonalker; vice president of engineering for TowerSec, predicts automotive hackers of the future will be motivated by money and the same kind of information that drove hackers to attack retail and credit card systems at Target last year.

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