NXP and Trillium Join Forces To Boost Auto Cybersecurity as IoT takes to the highway

Forbes JAPAN Names Auto-cybersecurity Start-Up Trillium the ‘RISING STAR’ STARTUP OF THE YEAR 2017

Trillium on Track to Emerge as ‘Made-in-Japan Innovator’ CEO says

TOKYO, Nov 21, 2016 – (JCN Newswire) – Forbes Japan, the Tokyo-based edition of Forbes, one of the world’s most authoritative business news medias, celebrated entrepreneurs and Start-ups today at the Annual “JAPAN’S STARTUP” Awards, and the winner of the ‘RISING STAR’ STARTUP OF THE YEAR 2017 Award – Trillium Inc, a Tokyo-based Start-up that has developed a robust, comprehensive cybersecurity solution for the automotive industry.

The Awards promote start-ups ready to create a ‘New Japan’ – leading the Japanese economy into the next age through innovation and entrepreneurial efforts. Finalists for the ‘RISING STAR’ 2017 were selected by the Forbes Japan editorial team with input from online readers. The winning Start-ups will be featured in the magazine’s Jan 2017 edition, which will appear on Nov 25.

David Uze, Trillium CEO, an American who has lived in Japan for over 25 years, hopes Trillium can make a valuable contribution to his adopted country. “As autos and electronics are the bedrock of Japan’s prosperity, we believe our cybersecurity solution can help ensure the nation’s economic future. And we are grateful to Forbes Japan for recognizing the importance of our work.”

“This is another indication that Trillium is on track to emerge as that rarest of creatures, a ‘Made-in-Japan Innovator,’” said Uze. “For automakers, cybersecurity is a mission as urgent as ending hydrocarbon use. Plans for innovation across-the-board depend on digitizing tomorrow’s cars: in emissions, safety, autonomous drive, driving dynamics and infotainment. But until they find an adaptive, multi-layered solution to cyber threats, all plans could come screeching to a halt with one devastating hack. The industry doesn’t yet have a solution – but we do, and we’re ready to go.”

Trillium’s ‘Made-in-Japan solution’ strongly secures all three key ‘cyber-threat domains’ in the car with a software-based approach that is compatible with any architecture or operating system. More than just robust and comprehensive, it can be implemented for as little as 1/20th the cost of competing solutions – most of which are still under development.

“Meanwhile, our multi-layered solution is at an advanced stage,” Uze said. “We have moved into the real-world testing phase via partnerships with a legendary Japanese Super GT racing team and a leading maker of automotive semiconductors. And we are now in discussions with a wide range of automakers and tier-one component suppliers. We’re ready to implement whenever they are.”

Trillium Inc. was founded in 2014 with a team of executives and engineers from Japan, Europe and the U.S. with extensive experience in relevant fields, backed by lead investment from Global Brain Corp, a Tokyo-based venture capitalist.

For more details, visit:  http://www.trillium.co.jp/

For questions and to arrange executive interviews, contact  pr@trillium.co.jp

*Forbes Japan http://www.forbesjapan.com/

*Global Brain Corp http://globalbrains.com/en/


Trillium and NXP Join Forces to Boost Auto Cybersecurity as IoT Takes to the Highway

MUNICH, Nov.16, 2016 — Trillium Inc. today announced joint development efforts with NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) for next-generation automotive cybersecurity applications. The announcement was made at the Munich opening of ESCAR Europe, the leading global conference series on automotive cybersecurity.

The initiative involves non-invasive in-vehicle testing of Tokyo-based Trillium’s SecureCAR software on the next-generation S32K microcontroller (MCU) platform by NXP, the world’s leading semiconductor supplier for the automotive industry.

Focused on optimizing SecureCAR performance, the initial phase of research demonstrates the performance of Trillium’s software on NXP’s S32K MCUs. Follow-up efforts will expand the scope to include NXP’s Smart Secure Transceivers, and implement the complete solution in a production vehicle with a major Japanese OEM. The cooperative effort aims to deliver a combined hardware and software security solution to meet the demands of the automotive security market.

“NXP’s engagement with Trillium extends our leadership position in automotive cybersecurity. Trillium’s SecureCAR software nicely complements NXP’s hardware-based solutions as part of our expanding security solution ecosystem.” said Manuel Alves, VP and GM, Product Line General Purpose Automotive MCUs at NXP.

“This is an important step forward in a critical mission for the auto industry,” said David M. Uze, President and CEO of Trillium. “The connected car is the key to progress in safety, entertainment, and environmental performance. But until cybersecurity can be guaranteed with certainty, progress will stop in its tracks.”

Trillium’s SecureCAR software provides patent pending Authentication, Encryption, Dynamic Key Lock Pairing (symmetric session key exchange management) and Asymmetric master key generation for securely protecting vehicle network payloads.

The S32K offers a Cryptographic Services Engine (CSE) which includes a true random number generator plus secure flash for key storage among other innovative security features.

The combined S32K plus SecureCAR software solution enables real-time secure applications by reducing the security burden on automotive networks. The optimized approach requires up to three times lower bandwidth than standard approaches.

About Trillium Inc.

Trillium was established in 2014 to pursue development of advanced IoT and automotive cybersecurity software technology, including lightweight encryption, authentication, cryptographic key management, IDS/IPS and secure OTA software update technology. The Tokyo-based start-up plans to expand its scope to include cybersecurity for robotics, factory automation, medical, aerospace and other transport systems.

For more details, visit:  http://www.trillium.co.jp/

For questions and to arrange executive interviews, contact  pr@trillium.co.jp


China Road Show day2 in Beijing.
Great event with great people.

@ The IntrepidCS 10th Anniversary Advanced Vehicle Network Technology Workshop.

One more city to go!


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Trillium in Shanghai

Trillium in Shanghai at the IntrepidCS 10th Anniversary
Advanced Vehicle Network Technology Workshop
Two more cities to go!
We will be in Shingzen 11/10
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