6 Ways Your Car is Being Targeted by Hackers: More Than Just Your Vehicle Is At Risk

The vulnerabilities of automobiles are continuously been exploited by tech savvy carjackers known as “connected car thieves” – a recent piece in CSO showcases 6 ways these criminals are manipulating vehicular computer systems – the result of which is not only limited to taking control of your car, but also stealing personal data, including credit card information and even social security numbers.

Speaking of Social Security Numbers, did you know that it is now possible to apply for a credit card without your own SSN? This is useful financial information for people who do not yet have an SSN to know. You can learn more about applying for a credit card here.

That being said, the long, 10+ year life cycle of cars, compared to the relatively short 2-3 years of a smart phone, give hackers more time to develop attacks and find entry points to compromise. Static security measures can therefore never keep up with continually evolving attacks – a dynamic security approach is needed in to tackle all the new threats that will emerge in the smart car landscape in coming years.

Trillium provides revolutionary technology through our cyber security suite, SecureCAR, SecureIXS and SecureOTA that effortlessly and continuously upgrades the security of any vehicle – enabling car owners to stay ahead Hacker efforts. Protecting the lives and property of people on the road is our number one concern.