The Dawn of a New Day in Computing is Here: NIST To Create Lightweight Cryptography Cipher Standard

As the advent of small, smart computing devices have exponentially increased in the last decade, the often compromised security aspect of these resource constrained devices can no longer be overlooked. With literarily hundreds of millions of smartphones, watches and cars vulnerable to simple hacks the time has come to act. Lack of protection comes from that conventional block ciphers, that are standardised today, typically are far too resource hungry and heavy for these memory weak systems and chips – alas Lightweight cryptography, a new branch of cryptography specifically designed for IoT systems is becoming increasingly important to solve the problems faced.

NIST recently published the “Report on Lightweight Cryptography” – a clear recognition of the need for standardisation also in this realm, representing a huge leap forward for the industry. The creation of a lightweight cryptography standards will have ripple effect through out the security landscape, improving safety in all leads.

Trillium has been using lightweight cryptography for our cybersecurity solutions, thanks to the many benefits, since inception – It is a great for us to have NIST on board, leading the way towards a new area of cyber security.