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DefCon 2018: The Best Until the Rest

As the sun sets on Las Vegas, so ends the final day of DefCon 26. This year’s rendition of the hacking convention was just as full of content as its predecessors, with more speakers, workshops, vendors and villages than ever before. The coveted “Black Badges,” prizes given to winners of the best hacking competitions have […]

Pass GO Holds Strong!

The second full day of the Car Hacking Village has come to an end, seeing hours of attempts at the Trillium Pass GO challenge. Despite the efforts of so many participants, the challenge has yet to see defeat. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of this year’s Car Hacking Village!

Donkey Cars? That’s What They Call Them!

This year’s Car Hacking Village featured a race between Donkey Cars – the newest “build your own” autonomous car fad in the industry. Teams brought their own home-grown self driving cars to race on an obstacle course designed to push the cars’ autonomy to its limit. Many thanks to the Car Hacking Village for always […]

Car Hackers at Work: DefCon CTF Challenges in Full Swing

A staple part of the DefCon experience, the Car Hacking Village and its Capture the Flag challenge is going strong into its second day. The competition is fierce, with teams from all over the world competing for the grand prize – a Polaris ATV! Stay tuned for more updates from the floor.  

Trillium Challenges World’s Top Hackers to “Pass GO”

Invites hackers to attack cybersecurity platform during Black Hat 2018 / DEFCON26 Las Vegas-DEFCON, Aug 8, 2018 – (ACN Newswire) – Trillium Secure, Inc. (Trillium) the global leader in cybersecurity protection and secure data lifecycle management for vehicles and fleets, today puts out a challenge to the world’s top security researchers to hack Trillium SecureGO(TM) […]

Educational Playtime: Penetration Testing Sandboxes

Cybersecurity is not an easy field to get into. The hours of training and prerequisite knowledge needed for one to fully participate in such an environment are daunting and often prohibitive of newcomers in the field. Despite being present for decades, the topic has seen some of the most rapid expansion and shift in scope […]

Security for the Next Generation: SAE Cyber Auto Challenge

For the last seven years, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and Battelle corporation have hosted a worldwide event called the Cyber Auto Challenge aimed at introducing the next generation of engineers and software developers to the landscape of connected cars and their cyber-security needs. The Cyber Auto Challenge, in tandem with the Cyber Truck […]