Autonomous-Drive Enabled Cities On The Rise – Cyber Security the enabling factor

With technology already at the point capable of enabling autonomous drive, the age of self-driving cars are now awaiting for the infrastructure to make it a reality. Some cities around the globe have already started to allow open-road testing of self-driving vehicles.

A recent piece from Motherboard explains the significant changes coming to the industry, that will evolve the current system.

The age of self-driving cars is indeed around the corner and with it, traditional businesses based off of human error, which will no longer be, will be faced with a significant model shift. “Self-driving vehicles have the potential to significantly disrupt the traditional auto insurance industry.” (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2013).

The single biggest hurdle to overcome, to make this human error free, safer transportation landscape real  is undoubtably the deployment and development of cyber security to protect the systems that make it all possible.

This is the contribution that Trillium will play – to protect the infrastructure through an adaptive automotive cybersecurity subscription solution that will enable the security needed for autonomous drive solutions.  Paving the way for the the next generation of insurance policies.

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