Who Has Access to Data From Connected Vehicles?

In an informative article written by Bryan Jonston, it’s made clear that there’s a disconnect between consumers and vehicle manufacturers about who should have exclusive access to vehicle data, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos.

86 percent of vehicle owners and lessees believe car owners should have full access to and control of their vehicle’s data, including maintenance and repair information, says a survey released by the Auto Care Association. Additionally, 88 percent of consumers believe a vehicle’s owner should decide who has access to this data.

It’s true that the public has a low level of awareness regarding driver and vehicle data, known as telematics; however, people still feel entitled to accessing the data that their vehicles generate despite not having a clear idea about what is being collected and sent to the cloud. On the other hand, there has been clear indications that commercial fleet owners have begun tapping into this lake of data.

Having the means to securely access and confidently analyze vehicle-generated data is the key to keeping personal information private or reducing the cost of operating fleets of vehicles. Automakers and fleet owners are in advantageous positions to leverage data for monetization purposes, but also have the responsibility to secure telematics systems against cyber-attack.

Infotainment system suppliers like Harman can also access connected car data, especially when assisting law enforcement for digital forensics. A myriad of new use-cases is being spawned right now, including advanced remote diagnosis and enhanced driver safety, as the goldmine of vehicle data is further explored.

What’s needed to bridge this information divide between consumers and the automotive industry is trust. Widening the number of parties that can drink from the firehose of data being generated by connected cars will unleash a new wave of innovation. This untapped market will grow faster thanks to Trillium’s leadership in creating a trusted ecosystem for connected vehicles and next-generation mobility services. Trillium – championing the cause of making connected cars safe.