Your Car is in Crosshairs: The Growing Car Hacking Community

Car hacking has gone from industry insider fear to something on everyone’s lips – consumers across the world are quickly realising how unsafe their modern cars really are. In the backwaters of widely published white hacker reports, the car hacking community has been rapidly growing – with new exploits discovered daily. Attacks get more and more sophisticated, improving with each new iteration.

Horrors such as complete remote control, that seems like fiction in the past, is today reality. The Guardian recently published an article explaining the history of the growing car hacking community shining some light on these dark practises. Trillium’s SecureIoT suite prevents attacks and analyses the situation using artificial intelligence, then updates the security features remotely to future-proof from new threats – Trillium’s mission is to develop and deploy solutions that dynamically adapts to evolving threats as they emerge, in effect rendering hacker efforts harmless.