Car Hacked By Smart Phone: New Vulnerabilities Found in The In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) Smart Phone Connectivity System

The latest in a series of compromising exploits was revealed today, with millions of cars yet again at risk – any modern car with smart phone connectivity could easily be compromised. Researchers at New York University and George Mason University have found a previously unknown flaw – the interface between smartphone and infotainment system (IVI) lacks security features.

Details of the hack and its full effect has not been disclosed, but the researchers found this critical weakness in the industry standard adopted MirrorLink platform, which is used to connect car and phone.
Through a rouge smartphone app access to the CAN bus was gained – potentially taking full control of the entire vehicle. While this hack required physical connection, the built in support for wifi in the MirrorLink system HW hints of future remote hacks using the same entry port.

To protect against these critical IVN (in-vehicle networks) hacks a layered approach is needed. Trilliums solution strategy is built around just this – a combination of IVN security and a smart firewall with OTA features built in, would render a attack like this toothless – our patent pending SecireIOT suite provides just that, complete protection. At Trillium we see it as our mission to safeguards against all hacks – regardless where they manifest.