The Jeep Hack in Detail: How Hackers Easily Take Control of Your Car

The two automotive cybersecurity researchers responsible for the highly publicized Jeep hack – Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek – have published their work. They specifically focus on how to manipulate the CAN bus, which is the gate way to controlling the entire vehicle.

Their research clearly identifies the problem with the current system – the complete lack of security built in. Possibly fatal hacks are made possible, as the CAN bus today, in its native state, is completely unencrypted – with easy access to the root hackers can do literally what ever they want!

Trillium’s SecureCAR solution includes SecureCAN which provides encryption, authentication and key management for the CAN bus – in real time. SecureCAN protects the CAN bus from any and all exploits Valasek and Miller identified – with SecureCAN implemented the Jeep hacks would never have been possible.