Black-hat car thieves arrested: 100+ vehicles stolen

With recent hype in media, automotive cybersecurity has really become a buzz concept – numerous automotive hacks have been widely published, often performed by white-hat security researchers. These technical vulnurabilities are usually resolved by the manufacturers with the help of the researchers before being known to the public.

In fact, the real threat are the malicious black-hat hacks that are executed covertly under our noses.

In a recent piece Security Affairs explores just such a hack – two black-hat hackers were arrested by Huston police, after hacking and stealing more than 100 cars! The hackers are suspected to have gained access to a database that held the key information needed to hack each and every individual vehicle. Any kind of database stored on a server is a easy targets for hackers.

Trillium’s SecureCAR technology has been fundamentally developed with the concept of generating keys within the car this eliminates any centralized database that holds important information. – enabling cars with SecureCAR immune to such an attack.

What really is alarming is the amount of black-hat hacks out there today that are not being publicized. The urgency for automotive cybersecurity today can no longer be ignored!