Cyber Crime on the Rise: US Justice Department to Form First Dedicated Task Force 

The ease by which hacker attacks can transcend from causing digital to physical damage is starting to be fully known.

What was once science fiction is today reality – judging by the most recent published automotive hacks it is clear that cyber criminals have the capabilities to fully control vehicles – one does not need to look further than the tragic terrorist attack in Nice this summer that killed 86 people to understand the potential damage that could be caused – worse yet, these hacks could be performed remotely.
To counter this growing threat the U.S. Justice Department has formed a threat analysis organisation to investigate potential national security threats caused by IoT devises, including autonomous and connected cars. In a recent piece from Automotive News this effort and how it relates to the automotive industry is examined in great detail.

Trillium’s mission is in line with these efforts – our Secure IoT suite is built to eliminate any attack before it even begins.