Cyber Security: Closer to the Heart than you Thought

While Trillium’s main area of focus is securing the automotive industry from cyber-attacks, as threats evolve so must we.

As the internet of things becomes more integrated into peoples’ daily lives, more aspects of everyday life will be vulnerable to hacking. Despite the convenience of being able to connect your refrigerator or washing machine to a smartphone, the reality of the risk involved is rather dire. Even these seemingly insignificant edge nodes can be the gateway for a malicious hacker to penetrate a sensitive system, potentially stealing or destroying personal information. Even worse, however, would be an exploitation of a life-saving medical device. It’s always worth having extra security on your devices. With the use of something like a VPN (Virtual private network), you can rest assure that your internet connection won’t be tracked. But without one, this may be a possibility. Even if you find the best vpn for canada or wherever you live, it is better than nothing at all. As we’ve all heard, it is best to be safe than sorry.

Precedent has shown that pacemakers with wireless capabilities can be hacked, with potentially fatal consequences. According to an article by Jikku Varghese Jacob on Onmanorama, once granted access, a hacker has the life of the patient in their hands. “The hackers would be able to increase or lower heart rates of the patient, or even hijack it to deliver a fatal shock to the person’s heart.” (Jacob, 2017)

As advances in medical technology are being made, it is not unthinkable for computers to become integrated into other medical devices, such as prosthetic limbs. The thought of a hacker exploiting such devices initially devised to improve the lives of the patients is repulsive. There is little merit to developing such technology if we don’t take the necessary steps to ensure that those who need those products are safe from potentially worse threats. To that end, Trillium is dedicated to raising awareness for the need for strong, reliable cyber defense for the products of today and tomorrow.