Cybersecurity for Defense on the Rise: New Cyber Range Operations Center in MI

On Friday, July 20th, federal, state and local officials convened for the opening of the Velocity Hub of the Michigan Cyber Range. The Michigan Cyber Range is a long-standing center for critical training of cyber security professionals, and the newly added Velocity Hub seeks to expand the range’s scope further than before.

A collaboration between private industry players and government bodies – both federal and state-level – the Velocity Hub aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge cyber technologies and the environments they serve. By providing the necessary training, equipment, and secure-sandbox environments for the development and proliferation of cyber secure technologies and business practices, the Velocity Hub will establish Michigan as a key player in the cyber security field.

The necessity for pre-emptive drafts of cyber security standards in vehicles is not lost on the Brigadier General – the traditional method of waiting for an incident to occur before thinking of cyber legislation can result in a drastic loss of life when it comes to automobiles.

This need for vehicular security regulation is the driving force behind Trillium’s participation in projects such as the Velocity Hub, the SAE, and other standards-developing bodies to prepare the future of connected and autonomous vehicles. Trillium’s “security by design” mentality applies not only to technology, but to the design of society as a whole. Through working together with government agencies, our industry partners and standards committees, Trillium hopes to drive the next wave of cyber legislation in the US from the heart of the Midwest.