Excerpts from escar USA 2018: Making the Michigan Market

Known as one of the first regular, automotive cyber security-focused events, the escar conference series has made itself a key part of the automotive security ecosystem. Showcasing new products, strategies, and research from industry veterans and newcomers alike, escar brings cutting-edge developments together in every major automotive market. As in previous years, Trillium attended the conference alongside its industry partners and customers to help spur the innovation of the automotive cyber-security and data management field.

Escar USA 2018 is no exception, gathering automotive and security industry professionals in the Metro Detroit for the sixth year in a row. The myriad of thoughtful presentations held at the venue came from both industry and academic experts, detailing possible technological solutions to problems facing connected and autonomous vehicles, new innovative technologies, and in-depth analysis of hacks performed on vehicle subsystems by researchers.

A trend that saw a significant rise in popularity at escar is the use of cyber-security methods at relatively lower abstraction levels. This includes hardware and digital signal analysis-based intrusion detection and protection systems, such as the analysis and subsequent phishing attack on clock-based intrusion detection systems by researchers at the University of Michigan, Dearborn. The university was not the only one bringing attention to hardware, with industry players also giving lectures on low-level, highly integrated embedded design analysis.

The sheer number and variety of talented individuals present at this year’s escar USA is all the proof needed to vouch for Michigan’s importance in the development of automotive cyber-security. Serving as the crossroads for the traditional automotive industry in Motor City and the new-age artificial intelligence research done in the Ann Arbor area, the mitten in the Midwest is poised to distinguish itself on a global scale. This reality is the driving motivation behind the opening of Trillium’s new Midwest Development and Operations Center. With a base of operations from which critical partnerships will be nurtured and maintained, Trillium hopes to be a leader in the advancements to come from the Great Lakes State.