Google’s $57M E.U. Fine is a Drop in The Bucket for Big U.S. Tech

Written by Mahbubul Alam, CMO and SVP of Global Engineering at TrilliumSecure


The European Union fined Google $57M this week for breaching data privacy regulations and not properly disclosing to people how their data was collected and passed to advertisers


While this may seem like a large penalty, the EU is training companies to raise the bar for human rights and other ideals by respecting and protecting all parts of society where technology touches its citizens. When Google appeals this judgement, they will face public officials who stand behind increasingly aggressive measures to safeguard sensitive forms of data, such as records kept in the healthcare system.


The E.U. is upholding justice by doing an injustice to a law that has real teeth – after all, Google could have been fined up to 4% of their annual revenue. As tech industry leaders, we now have the financial incentive to ensure transparency and respect for data privacy. Let’s work together to make the “internet browser on wheels,” today’s connected and autonomous vehicles more GDPR compliant. At Trillium, we imbue safety and trust in the future of mobility. By using blockchain technology, we provide a transparent and verifiable method of tracking how driver data is collected and shared with mobility service providers.