Hack a Car = Locked Up for Life?: Future Car Hackers in Michigan Facing Possible Life Sentence

As mentioned in a recent Computerworld article, a bill is currently being proposed in Michigan, that if passed into law, will make car hacking a felony punishable by life time imprisonment. As the automotive center of North America, it is not surprising to see the The Great Lakes State being at the forefront of providing safety to it’s citizens and keeping up with automotive innovations. On a broader scale, this is a clear indication that legislative bodies are beginning to recognise the severity of the risks that cyber attacks to cars pose. Country wide regulation of automotive cybersecurity is likely to follow suit. 

We at Trillium applaud this development – our solutions are made with the conviction that the malicious attacks on automobiles must be taken seriously – seeing that the justice system is on the same path is a great testament to the urgent need for cyberproof the transportation of the future.