Highlights from Mobile World Congress Americas 2018

Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA), the world’s largest exhibitionfor the mobile industrytook place this year in Los Angeles between September 12-14. Last year’s show in San Francisco brought in around 22,000 attendees, and the organizers expect this year’s show to easily top that.


Trillium exhibited in the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) section, a specialized area that celebrates innovative startups whose technologies will impact the world in the near future. This program returned for a second year at #MWCA18, enabling startups, investors, corporations and public institutions to connect and launch new ventures together from all around the world.


“We met a broad spectrum of valuable partners and had the chance to hold in-depth conversations with representatives from wireless carriers and the investment community,” said David Uze, CEO of Trillium. “I communicated to the right audience about 5G and IoT vulnerabilities, and personally met with dozens of talented engineering recruits and seasoned business development candidates.”


The theme of this year’s event was “Imagine a Better Future,” and the bustling atmosphere of the exhibition floor reflected the optimism and excitement expressed by keynote speakers from AT&T, Verizon and Nokia. Sprint’s Executive Chairman Marcelo Claure headlined the event saying, “There are three reasons why 5G is a quantum step forward in connectivity performance: ultra-high speeds, ultra-low latency, and the Internet of Things for billions of devices. And there are many amazing use cases that will enable a number of consumer innovations.”


5G was one of the biggest talking points at the event, all over the exhibition floor, and in most keynote sessions, and it’s no surprise considering many different companies like Viavi Solutions and more are working on the testing and deployment of 5G as we’re approaching the hopeful release for 5G in major cities and locations. There were several interesting use cases of the new radio access technology on display at Innovation City, and the conference program featured over 400 speakers highlighting other topics such as artificial intelligence, IoT, cybersecurity, content and media, drones, blockchain, policy and regulation. Team Trillium engaged with a Tier-1 mobile operator about autonomous driving and V2X use cases as some of the key drivers of their 5G investments and network rollout.


It’s difficult to closely examine what happened at the mobile industry’s key event in Los Angeles without talking about Hollywood and the entertainment industry at-large. Entertainment is one of the leading drivers of the mobile telecom industry; moreover, content distributors such as Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime already make up a gigantic part of mobile network traffic. With the U.S. set to lead the 5G revolution, the three largest mobile operators are already touting new mobile 5G networks as the foundation for video consumption everywhere.


While the potential benefits of nationwide 5G deployment dominated MWCA 2018, many representatives from the automotive, aerospace, maritime, and drone industries visited Trillium’s booth to learn more about its multi-layered cybersecurity platform and secure data lifecycle services.


“The amount of interest in our technology, from people of so many industries and backgrounds, really hit home how important data security is to every aspect of society,” said Kamel Ghali, field applications engineer at Trillium.


“The most exciting portion of MWCA for me was meeting with a representative from the Department of Homeland Security,” said Zoran Kehler, vice president and director of aerospace and defense programs at Trillium. “We learned a lot about DHS’ advanced research organizations and advanced research programs and discussed how Trillium can become involved in many more U.S. homeland security projects through DHS.”


There were also many MWCA attendees from the investment banking and public sector who gave their attention to Trillium’s holistic and multi-layered approach to protecting vehicles from cyber-attack and keeping private information confidential.


Dan Viza, vice president and director of strategy at Trillium added, “Our first participation at MWCA was a great success and a significant milestone for us to be selected to participate in the 4YFN exhibit which recognized Trillium as a disruptor in the cybersecurity space. We engaged with many new, high-quality contacts, including productive meetings with key players in the mobile industry and investment banks.”


After three full days manning the booth at MWCA, Team Trillium is headed next to the Automotive ISAC Summit in Detroit from September 25-26.