In the Wake of WannaCry

Last Friday gave the world a taste of the devastation a full-fledged cyber-attack can bring. Wannacry, as the ransomware attack has been dubbed, spread to over 150 countries, attacking individuals and corporations alike.

Even a Fortune 500 such as  Nissan was brought to its knees, as according to Business Insider, five of its plants had to stop production in the wake of this cyber-attack. The damage to the plants caused by this attack is almost ironic, as automotive plants are known to have very strict security measures in place when it comes to physical security. To protect the plant, anyone wishing to enter a plant often must be subject to metal detectors, searches, and other evaluations of their bodies and personal affects before being granted entry.

The devastation caused by this malware attack truly shows the importance of a layered approach. Corporations that focus on single layered defense, while neglecting others will find themselves at the mercy of attacks to their weak points. Trillium prides itself in its multi layered approach to cyber security, securing both the hardware and software aspects of in-vehicle networks. For example, our SecureIXS provides a strong firewall that repels any unwanted foreign messages from entering the network, while making use of AI-enhanced machine learning techniques to strengthen its defenses over time. This is further capitalized on with our seamless over the air updating schematic, allowing our products to always be ready to handle the newest cyber-attacks.

Seeing news like this further strengthens our determination to securing the world with our products, in the transportation space and elsewhere. This event serves as a harsh reality check for those companies that have neglected the importance of cybersecurity in protecting themselves, and we hope that this will motivate those corporations into taking preemptive actions to ensure a tragedy like this doesn’t reoccur.

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