Reporting Live from Global Sales Summit Japan

It’s early-October and the morning air is pleasantly crisp in Tokyo. Over twenty-five Trillium employees have flown from all over the world – Ann Arbor, Silicon Valley, Belfast, Paris, Shanghai – to gather in the France-Japan Chamber of Commerce boardroom to discuss what we’ve accomplished, the challenges we face, and the roadmap to making Trillium Secure an incredible success.


The Global Sales Summit (GSS) is a biannual four-day marathon of progress reports, project proposals, and brainstorming sessions to get all global team members on the same page. For example, Ross Hirschi, Trillium’s Director of Engineering, gives a detailed account of multiple innovative products that are in the pipeline. Next, Dan Viza, Director of Global Business Development and Strategy, presents a farsighted overview of Trillium’s ambitious goals in the connected vehicle data industry. And, David Uze, Trillium’s tireless president and CEO, paces to-and-fro while actively providing feedback on sales funnels, giving encouragement for upcoming pitch competitions, and getting excited when new requirement use-cases are identified for blue ocean opportunities. For ten hours straight. Then we all hit the town together, get some rest, and do it again.


There are rules, but they can be bent. Like how a new policy for granting cash rewards to high-performing engineering teams was swiftly proposed and approved. We raise our hands when a colleague asks for help because they’re like family – at 1 AM, you can find ten Trillium team members sitting in a row outside a ramen shop, slurping and cooing with pleasure over delicious broth. We work hard as hell, but we play hard too. Like how David Uze takes his calls while listening to world-class jazz musicians in Roppongi Hills and turns on a mobile hot spot for the phalanx of global employees around him – his Hawaiian shirt stands out from the crowd of white, blue and plaid shirts and he snaps rhythmically while discussing a new office opening in Belfast, Northern Ireland with his Head of Finance.


It’s safe to say that GSS is like nothing I’ve experienced before – it’s a methodical, creative, and expansive exercise in how a tough company like Trillium is disrupting industries that increasingly depend on secured data. But more importantly, GSS is the chance to experience, contribute to, and embrace other Trillium team members’ expertise to propel the company into the stratosphere. Despite the grueling schedule, I’m hungry for more. And it’s only day 3!