Series: Key Takeaways from Trillium’s Booth at CES 2019

To the experienced CES exhibitor, the electronics mega show which takes place each year in Las Vegas represents a unique slice of humanity – the determination of technologists to innovate and promote their developments; the collection of over 182,000 industry leaders dispersed over 2.9 million square feet; the media spotlight that shines not only on tech titans but nimble start-ups seeking to disrupt established players – it’s an expansive sneak preview of cutting-edge technology and a privilege to share a series of Trillium’s key takeaways from this one-of-a-kind show.


  1. Connected Vehicles Will Soon Be an Internet Browser on Wheels, so Consumers and Lawmakers are Taking Data Privacy Very Seriously


The letter “C” from CES 2019 represents the consumer and one of Trillium’s goals at the show was to highlight the wide breadth of mobility services that will benefit drivers as they spend less time focusing on the road and gain more productive time while traveling. Modern day vehicles feature full-fledged web browsers, automatic toll systems linked to bank accounts, and driver health monitoring sensors, all of which produce an unprecedented amount of sensitive data.


Once vehicle owners cede or share this connected vehicle data, there are many mobility service providers who will monetize it. Take, for example, companies such as Amazon or Google that have developed conversational AI assistants to aggregate consumer data from smart homes – they’ve monetized this data to great effect with the creation of targeted ads. It’s safe to say such technologies will become a fixture of the self-driving vehicle. But data collected from connected vehicles must be handled with special care because public safety, risk to property and scenarios where personally identifiable information is misappropriated or even used against drivers are being flagged by industry thought leaders.


The challenges of maintaining data privacy in the autonomously-driven era was brought up again and again during the panels hosted at Trillium’s booth and during the CES keynote talk entitled “The New Mobility Revolution.” And many thoughtful questions were asked during each Q&A session about how companies will establish public trust so that ordinary drivers can reap the benefits of self-driving technologies. In Trillium’s next blog post, we’ll go into detail on how Trusted Mobility Platform and Services address this important issue.