Team Trillium Sponsors InsureTech Connect 2018

The conversations at InsureTech Connect 2018 (ITC 2018), the world’s largest gathering of insurance leaders and innovators, always veered back to data and cybersecurity –Trillium Secure was the only vehicle cybersecurity company that sponsored ITC 2018 as part of the Plug and Play cohort.


The event took place in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand between October 2-3. ITC 2018 attracted 6,000 attendees and Team Trillium engaged numerous high-value partners and clients who are concerned about how the proliferation of connected car data will impact their businesses. Trillium’s main message was that insurance companies must have a cybersecurity partner to analyze vehicle-generated data, and to succeed in the autonomous-driven future.


“We are definitely coming back next year to InsureTech Connect,” said David Uze, CEO of Trillium. “The insurance community is searching for the right solution to protect, harvest, and analyze data from connected vehicles and Trillium’s trusted mobility services captivated the attendees at ITC 2018.”


Usage-based insurance was a big theme at this year’s event and many participants were interested in how to complement their vehicle health data sets with additional data points on driver behavior. Trillium’s sponsorship of ITC 2018 shed critical light on how valuable vehicle data, once secured against cyber-attack, enables insurance companies to build innovative new products in a changing market space where the number of automobile accidents decrease as self-driving car technology matures.


“Trillium’s subscription-based model for providing lifecycle protection, threat management and data analytics generated huge interest at ITC 2018,” said Dan Viza, vice president, global business development and strategy. “Our holistic, multi-layered vehicle cybersecurity platform struck a chord with key players in the insurance and telecommunications industry.”