Trillium and the Tanks: Cyber Security for Defense

This week in Detroit, Michigan, Trillium Secure, Inc. is attending the Vehicle Electrification Forum held by the US Army’s Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC).
“TARDEC is identifying technologies and solutions for prompt deployment, as well as those to be used 30 years into the future. Vehicular cybersecurity is viewed as an enabler for most future technologies and military vehicles, from electrification, through autonomous vehicles, to robotics,” said Zoran Kehler, Trillium’s director of global strategy & aerospace and defense sales. “The goal is not to make vehicles unhackable—but rather to create cost-prohibitive barriers to hacking vehicles. Trillium, has been invited as a thought leader in our space, to provide our perspective on the threat spectrum and solutions that harden the vehicles.”

With its multiple flexible layers of security, Trillium’s solutions are primed to cyber secure the mission-critical military assets of the US armed forces and their allies. We look forward to further cooperation with our partners in the defense sector towards a military safe from cyber terrorism.