Trillium Launches Trusted Mobility Platform and Services at CES 2019 – On-Ramp to the 1.5 Trillion Dollar Vehicle Data Marketplace

CES Innovation Award-Winning Trillium Highlights Critical Role of Data Integrity for Trust By Hosting Expert Panels and Technology Demonstrations at Westgate Booth #501

LAS VEGAS, NV – JANUARY3, 2018 –At CES 2019, Trillium Secure (Trillium) will launch its Trusted Mobility Platform and Services, an end-to-end ecosystem of trust that enables transportation providers’ entry into the $1.5 trillion marketplace for trusted vehicle data, applications and services. Trillium’s Trusted Mobility Platform and Services are predicated on establishing two distinct elements of trust – security and data integrity. Trust begins in the electronic control units (ECUs) within the vehicle where raw data is derived. A contiguous chain of trust is extended into the cloud where blockchain technology encapsulates and verifies data for machine learning processing and secure mobility commerce. By recognizing trusted data as the new currency of our truly connected, mobile world, Trillium champions vehicle safety, compliance with privacy regulations and monetization opportunities for automakers, insurance and mobility-as-a-service providers.


“The industry’s top minds have been soul-searching for what to do with the explosion of data created by connected vehicles,” said David Uze, CEO and Founder of Trillium Secure. “Our platform and trusted data services address the $1.5 trillion question of how to unify mobility-as-a-service providers, technologies like artificial intelligence, and the necessary qualities of security and data integrity, towards the cause of transforming transportation as we know it.”


To highlight the critical role trust plays in accelerating mobility innovation, Trillium won the CES Innovation Award. Trillium will host multiple expert panels each day at its CES 2019 booth (#501 in Westgate) beginning January 8, at 11:00 AM on the topic of “Preserving Safety and Data Privacy in Connected Vehicles.” Another expert panel, “Data is the New Currency – How to Turn Data Into Revenue” takes place on Jan. 9 at 11:00 AM at the Trillium booth where the Innovation trophy is proudly displayed. Industry leaders will give their perspectives on the realities and challenges associated with the rapid digitalization of the transportation industry. Finally, Trillium technologies will be demonstrated to show how immutable trust can turn these changes into lucrative opportunities.


The backdrop to this forum for thought leadership will be the launch of Trillium’s Trusted Mobility Platform and Services. Trillium’s technologies imbue trust in data originating from vehicles’ ECUs; light-weight encryption protects the data payload and its securely transmitted to the cloud; blockchain technology confirms the unique ID of each vehicle to aggregate, and track each transaction of data; finally, machine learning engines analyze trusted data to unlock value for value-chain participants. By establishing end-to-end trust, from the silicon level to cloud-based data services, Trusted Mobility Platform and Services transform raw vehicle data to safe, monetizable and widely-applicable smart data. Keeping data safe and secure is one of the highest needs of businesses, sometimes data can be lost and it can be difficult for them to find it again, this is where specialized services alongside this type of software like DriveSavers, can help all-round with businesses and their professional data.


“With exponential growth in the number of connected vehicles, monetizing the emerging data is a crucial emerging business model for OEMs and vendors,” said Praveen Chandrasekar, Vice President at Frost & Sullivan.


About Trillium Secure, Inc.

Trillium Secure makes connected and autonomous vehicles safe and keeps personal information private through its Trusted Mobility Platform and Services powered by blockchain and AI. By establishing data integrity, Trillium facilitates a marketplace for trusted data, applications and services, in addition to positioning customers for compliance with privacy regulations and protecting them from cyber-threats. Trillium accelerates innovation and monetization for OEMs, insurance and mobility-as-a-service providers. For more information visit and follow us on LinkedIn.


Press Contact: Susan Donahue