Trillium Sponsors Digital Ship to Promote Maritime Cybersecurity and Data Management

Trillium will sponsor the Digital Ship event in Athens, Greece set to take place on Nov. 7~8.


The advent of always-on satellite connections has exposed digital ships to hacking attacks. Now, self-propagating code can quickly spread from shipboard IT infrastructure, to port-side servers, and halt the world’s shipping capacity dead in the water.


This past September, the port of San Diego was compromised by ransomeware just weeks after the port of Barcelona reported a similar cyber-attack. And everyone remembers the devastating effects of the NotPetya virus that caused over $200M in damage for a shipping giant last year.


The threat of ship hacking is real. It happens every day. Nautical navigation systems like the Electronic Chart Display and Information System are easy to hack, and multi-million dollar vessels can be sent veering off-course, or worse, put on a collision course in foggy conditions. In addition, outdated operating systems and poorly protected configuration interfaces are open doors for criminals to gain access to customer information, to hijack satcom terminals, and to create a threat to public safety.


Raise your ship’s defenses and protect confidential data: Trillium Secure’s cybersecurity and data management platform is a subscription-based service that shields your ship and your port’s IT infrastructure for its entire lifecycle.


Trillium’s security agents tirelessly stand guard in military-grade Security Operations Centers to monitor your ships’ cyber health and data security. Trillium protects NMEA 0183 messages using encryption, authentication, and key management technologies. Satellite communications are defended against cyber-attack with Trillium’s SecureOTA service.


Trillium – making connected ships, fleets and autonomous vehicles safe!…and the data they create private and confidential.