Trillium Spotlights Security and Data Monetization at CEATEC Japan 2018

The Trillium team harkened back to its roots in Japan during the CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) 2018 event, which took place from Oct. 16 – 19 at Makuhari Messe. Much has changed since Trillium began as a small outfit of engineers working towards securing IoT devices using lightweight encryption technology – the proliferation of connected devices, and the explosion of data they generate, has brought a wealth of opportunities and conveniences to all aspects of life. As such, Trillium used its presence at this year’s CEATEC to highlight the company’s leadership position in automotive cybersecurity, and its unique position to enable the growing number of monetizable services arising from connected car data.

CEATEC Japan was the perfect stage for Trillium to show the world how it’s fueling the trusted mobility revolution – the event attracts close to 700 exhibitors and over 150,000 attendees each year. Trillium took the spotlight a total of three times, first during the Plug and Play Startup Pitch event (Mobility); next, at the Cutting-Edge U.S. Technology Showcase (Cybersecurity) in Co-Creation Park; and during the CEATEC Cybersecurity Keynote Sessions when CEO David Uze addressed the audience on “Security, Safety and Monetization Opportunities in the Connected Vehicles Era” alongside speakers from Symantec, Crowdstrike, and Lookout.

Mr. Uze put into context well-known car hacks such as the Jeep whose brakes and steering were demonstrated to be vulnerable to remote take-over, and what it meant for internet connected vehicles: innovation is a wonderful thing until someone gets injured or worse. Where human safety is concerned both inside and outside the vehicle, basic common sense tells us that particularly with regards to mobility, innovation requires trust. That trust extends not only to all of the complex features and functions associated with connectivity and self-driving capabilities, but also to the resilience of the vehicle against cyber threats and bad actors.

Mr. Uze shared how Trillium will lead the trusted mobility revolution by securing vast amounts of data harvested from connected cars for a growing number of monetizable services. He teased Trillium’s data management dashboard called SecureSKYE, which will be demonstrated at CES 2019, to draw implications for fleet operators, automotive OEMs, insurance companies and network service providers on the game-changing nature of trusted access to vehicle data.

Trillium benefited from participating at CEATEC, a showcase for innovative solutions to society’s problems, because a highly-receptive audience understood Mr. Uze’s main point: smart tech does not evolve without secure tech. Indeed, vulnerable smart tech translates directly into a “high-value target” for hackers since there is more reward. Moreover, there’s enormous unrealized revenue if connected vehicle data is secured and extracted in a protected way through Trillium’s innovative technologies.