Trillium Secure™ – Multi-Layered Cybersecurity Suite for Lifecycle Protection of Vehicular Data

Trillium Secure™ 
subscription service defends against cyber-attacks and ensures the safety, privacy and integrity of clients’ data in transit and at rest. It features a multi-layered suite of Trillium™ solutions that work seamlessly together to protect vital vehicle controls and mission-critical data from a range of cyber-threats. Trillium Secure enables real-time threat quantification, threat mitigation and collection of operational data, 24/7/365.


SecureGO ensures valid in-vehicle message traffic delivery between recognized communication points with its robust encryption, authentication and key management functionality. Designed for optimal performance over resource constrained in-vehicle networks, SecureGO operates on land, air and sea vehicle hardware, operating systems and network topologies. As part of the Trillium Secure subscription service, SecureGO protects critical in-vehicle networks from cyber-threats.


SecureIXS vehicle-firewall detects and protects against cyber-intrusions, in-vehicle and from the cloud. Through its multi-layered design, SecureIXS guarantees zero false positives for intrusion prevention and near-zero false positive for intrusion detection. It utilizes an updatable IPS signature library module to scan for known threats and anomalous network traffic. When known threats and anomalous data or transmission patterns occur, SecureIXS seamlessly blocks and delivers the anomalous data to the IDS module. Once isolated, SecureIXS machine learning algorithms analyze the anomalous data for threats and immediately update in-vehicle IPS signature library if warranted.


SecureOTA dispatches the latest security patch updates to SecureGO and SecureIXS to safeguard against the latest cyber-attacks. SecureOTA modules provide over-the-air cloud and vehicle-side delivery of security- and software-updates. Through Trillium’s patent-pending Embedded Dynamic Link Library technology, updates do not require the updating of the full binary software stack in the electronic control unit (ECU) – only changes to the cyber library are delivered. The Trillium Embedded Dynamic Link Library makes updates compact, fast to execute, easy to implement and inexpensive to deliver – optimal for any land, air, or sea vehicle or asset application.


SecureSKYE security and data management cloud-resident API operates as a standalone system or integrated into an existing Security Operations Center platform. Role-, use-case- and actor-based dashboards provide near-real-time cybersecurity situational awareness, management of security modules, data stream management and normalization. SecureSKYE comprises the deep learning analytic components of the SecureIXS module, as well as the ability to record the in-vehicle bus and network traffic and identify threats. GDPR-compliant data anonymization techniques guarantee the highest level of personal and fleet data protection.

SecureSKYE delivers near-real-time vehicle awareness as well as the ability to record vehicle behaviors for post-use analysis.

SecureSKYE provides role-, use-case- and actor-based cybersecurity situational awareness and management of security modules and data.

Trillium offers cybersecurity consulting services that include cyber-attack modeling, automotive penetration testing, cybersecurity training and custom projects based on customer’s requirements. Starting from the design phase of development, experts from Trillium draw on their experience and expertise to identify threat-vulnerabilities in customers’ cyber-critical systems.

Cybersecurity Development & Testing Tool

The BrainBOX™ and Secure SDK package provide a complete environment for testing and development of automotive cybersecurity. It enables OEM’s and Tier1’s to test and build cyber-protected applications – from specification to design and development, including retrofit projects.

The BrainBOX hardware environment emulates the in-vehicle network. It contains a CAN, CAN FD and Auto Ethernet bus built in a configuration consisting of electronic control units, gateways (GW) and telematics control units (TCU) to simulate most vehicle environments. The BrainBOX allows for the evaluation of cybersecurity architecture options before being deployed in vehicle. Test in a lab, shorten development cycle time and deploy with confidence with Trillium BrainBOX.

Penetration Testing Services

Trillium provides penetration-testing services of customer cyber-critical components. Trillium’s experienced red team carries out tests on individual embedded components, tests on entire vehicles, software analysis and examination of aftermarket automotive products. By analyzing products for cybersecurity vulnerabilities throughout the development process, Trillium mitigates the risk of costly post-deployment faults that can result in a massive recall and a severe loss in brand value.

Cybersecurity Training

To compound the development of cyber secure products, Trillium engages with its partners in cyber security training. Cyber security is a field filled with ever-evolving challenges, and nurturing of an able cyber security team is crucial for any entity’s sustained success. Trillium’s engineers work to educate and train our partners’ employees on best-practices and critical skills such as threat modeling, incident response and legislation compliance. By engraining the seeds of cyber literacy in our partners, we enable them to remain protected from exploits and data breaches throughout the lifecycle of their operation.

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