Why Blockchain Technology?

Simply put, because data is king. As more and more of life runs through a series of Zeros and Ones, it become more and more critical that consumers, businesses and governments can trust in it. While data integrity has always been important, with the future of connected and autonomous vehicles coming into view, it is now imperative.

Enter blockchain. This truly revolutionary technology will keep and protect every single digital transaction among the trillions that will occur daily. This will allow people to believe in their connected and autonomous vehicles at a higher level, resulting in a confidence and peace of mind that can only come through a truly trusted source.

For OEMs/Tiers I & II

The opportunities presented by connected and autonomous vehicles are both exciting and a little intimidating. The millions of lines of code, as well as the hundreds of sensors needed to make use of them, cause vehicle trust to become a mandatory. It’s critical to meet the security expectations of vehicle passengers. It is perhaps a company’s most important value proposition – customers have to be willing to trust you with their businesses and their data.

For Data Visionaries

Imagine easy access to every single application data change, while keeping an immutable record of these changes. That’s the spectacular promise of blockchain technology. Better still, the database will be incontrovertible, and cryptographically verifiable. This eliminates the need for building complex audit tables or setting up blockchain networks. The immutable and verifiable capabilities allow transactions without a trusted central authority, while still offering a fully managed, scalable service.

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