Why Trillium? 

Trust enables organizations to create value and capital markets that function properly. Validated trust provides the confidence necessary for organizations to make bold, strategic moves and benefit tangibly from market disruption. Trillium plays a key role in this by encrypting the communication that occurs within the vehicle. Our in-vehicle security products provide adaptive firewall and self-defending intrusion detection/protection solutions, which can run on telematic control units, gateways and/or domain controllers. This ensures only the communications supposed to have access are allowed in. Trillium in-vehicle security products are further enhanced with cloud-based AI for self-learning capability from external sources and from other vehicles connected to the platform. Establishing a secure connection between the vehicle and the cloud is yet another valuable benefit.

For the Individual

The data generated from connected vehicles benefits from Trillium’s platform. It keeps data private, controls its dissemination and notifies each individual whenever it might be used by any entity with access to it. In this way, we can overdeliver on the critical promise of trust.

For the Industry

Compliance with all privacy regulations globally is more essential than ever. That’s why Trillium Secure meets the rigorous privacy checks of GDPR as well as other demanding regulations.  Yet value is still generated by lowering operational expenses, generating new revenue streams, and simplifying operation of complex systems. In this way, ROI becomes immediately validated from both a top and bottom line perspective.

For Society

Trillium Secure looks to impact the coming new world of mobility. In order to accomplish this, AI/machine learning is built in to make sure our platform is continuously absorbing new behaviors and challenges of a connected world. As stated, once that data trust and vehicle cybersecurity have been established and validated, a new set of positive paradigms will occur.

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