Your Car is a Data Goldmine

Once upon a time, our private data was simply a paper trail that grew with every signature we made. Today, all of us are kicking up little storms of data in the wake of our journey through life – every swipe, click, face ID scan, or Sunday afternoon drive produces a ton of information that is analyzed and monetized. Private data has always been sacred, but it’s now become a valuable resource that’s sought by social media companies, automakers and, unfortunately, cyber-thieves. That’s why your private data must be kept confidential, it should remain anonymous, and it needs to be secured.


One rich, and often overlooked, source of private data is your car. As Zeljka Zorz mentions in her article, “Smart cars gather sensitive data such as location, the driver’s daily route, apps that are used…[opening] consumers to dangers they weren’t susceptible to before.” On the surface level, corporations can leverage the potency of today’s data analytics technology to deliver unwanted ads on your infotainment system or produce other driving distractions. But if you investigate deeper, it becomes clear that our smart cars’ connectivity is an attractive target to bad actors who can easily gain access to compromising information or even the mission-critical motor functions of your vehicle.


To guard against these contingencies, Trillium has developed a suite of cybersecurity products to protect your safety and the integrity of your data throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle. For example, Trillium SecureIXS software uses machine learning algorithms to detect anomalous data patterns in your car’s network communications to prevent hackers from stealing your data. Trillium’s products also ensure that fleet operators are following GDPR regulations, which mandates all companies securely manage their customers’ private data.


The car on the open road is a staple of Americana – it represents the joy of free movement and expression. Don’t let cyber-thieves hamper this freedom. Keep your connected car safe and your private data confidential.