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Trillium and Next Energy – Joint Speakers at the 2019 Merit Members Conference

During the Security Day (MAY 9) of the 2019 Merit Members Conference, held in Dearborn, Michigan, Trillium together with NextEnergy held a presentation on the importance of end-to-end cybersecurity for the mobility eco-system. Through interactive dialog with the audience, NextEnergy and Trillium presented a solution for securing the future of mobility through a trusted platform for […]

Meet Trillium Secure at Wards Intelligence on April 11th

Trillium’s John Davis will be presenting at the Wards Intelligence: Implementing AI and Autonomy conference in Birmingham Michigan on April 11th. Autonomous vehicles are coming, but their AI guidance systems promise to create massive amounts of data. This conference looks at the technology building blocks necessary to manage, analyze, collect and store these data, from […]

Mobility Malware: Is the Cure Worse than No IDPS at All?

After spending the past year speaking with automakers and folks in the mobility industry, it has become readily apparent that there is a large elephant in the room when it comes to the topic of malware intrusions into connected vehicles. No one is readily adopting IDPS for one very specific reason:… SAFETY! Traditional Intrusion Detection […]

U.S. Automakers Will Champion the Internet Browser on Wheels

American OEMs are racing to deploy state-of-the-art technologies in their newest models so that customers gain real value from internet-connected trucks, electric vehicles and semi – or fully autonomous rides. They also understand the grave risks that cyber-attacks pose to passenger vehicles and fleets of shared vehicles. These two factors are contributing to a true […]